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Sallys Ranch Refugio

Get Away in Style

We are a vacation rental site on both Air BNB and VRBO if you would like to book your private getaway please book there.

The space

There is two rooms inside the main cabin one room having a queen size bed the other room having 4 bunk beds with all of the bunk beds being twin size. There is one restroom in the main cabin and one restroom in the side cabin. The side cabin has 6 bunk beds all being twin size as well and has a full bathroom and shower. The side cabin has a more rustic feel since this is an operating ranch, however there will be no one here when you stay. There is a main dining space which has a huge table for you and company to sit at and eat or enjoy your evening. There is also a full size kitchen with a stove and everything you need to cook perfect meals. There is a main living area with a huge couch for tons of sitting space. It also includes a huge 55 inch TV to watch your favorite shows on.

- Huge 55 inch tv
- 5 acres of land to roam on
- Two cabins
- 3 bedrooms
- 2 bathrooms
- Main living area with massive couches for sitting space
- 35 min beach access
- Full size kitchen
- Onsite washer and dryer
- Huge dining area.
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