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Welcome to Sallys 80 Acre Ranch In Refugio

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About Sallys 80 Acre Ranch 

A Visit to Remember

This 1300 Square Foot private ranch home getaway sits on a spacious 5 acres for your roaming about and is just 35 min away from some of the best beaches in Rockport, Texas! 

The Space: 1300 Square Foot Private Ranch House. 35 min from the best beaches in Rockport.  .25 acres of fenced off property around house and 5 acres to explore yourself. Onsite washer and dryer. Onsite full size kitchen. Onsite grill for grill outs and cooking. Fire pit to start fires and cook outside.


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Sallys 80 Ranch 


588 US-183 Hwy, Refugio, TX 78377, USA

(210) 844-9839

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